QinetiQ Squad-Packable Utility Robot (SPUR)
QinetiQ Squad-Packable Utility Robot (SPUR)
QinetiQ Squad-Packable Utility Robot (SPUR)
QinetiQ Squad-Packable Utility Robot (SPUR)

QinetiQ – SPUR® Squad-Packable Utility Robot


The SPUR was named winner of the Common Robotic System – Individual (CRS(I)) program by the US Army. It revolutionizes robotic capability for dismounted forces with its rapid deployment from its stowed state, tactical mobility and radio range, high-performance manipulator arm and QinetiQ’s proven UC-LITE universal controller.

Designed to be back-packable, SPUR is equipped with advanced sensors and mission modules for dismounted forces to enhance mission capabilities. SPUR is transported by a single MOLLE II Assault Pack with a controller, pan-tilt-zoom camera and manipulator arm. It is deployed from the assault pack, without tools in less than a minute, enabling a quick reaction to be tasked with a mission.

Like a bantamweight fighter, SPUR provides exceptional strength, mobility and endurance. SPUR can easily navigate through rocks, water, sand and other rough terrain. Weighing less than 28 pounds, SPUR can nimbly climb stairs and surmount obstacles, yet is sized to operate effectively in culverts and sewer pipes that wider robots cannot penetrate.


  • Tactical mobility
  • Lightweight
  • Rapid deployment without tools
  • Compact foldable design
  • Transported in Molle II assault pack
  • UC-LITE for universal control
  • IOP V2 interfaces
  • Advanced ISR capability
  • Exceptional radio range
  • Superior day and night vision
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