FLIR - FirstLook
FLIR - FirstLook
FLIR - FirstLook
FLIR - FirstLook

FLIR – FirstLook Robotic Camera

FirstLook is a throwable, rugged, and expandable robot that provides immediate situational awareness, performs persistent observation and investigates dangerous and hazardous material while keeping its operator out of harm’s way. FirstLook allows operations where other robots can’t fit or maneuver. This rugged, lightweight robot can be inserted into structures and provides operators with visual, audio, and sensor feedback before entry. Weighing 6.6 lb (3kg), it survives 16 ft (5 m) drops onto concrete, self-rights when flipped over, and climbs obstacles up to 7” (17.8 cm) high. FirstLook is controllable from a variety of controllers, including the uPoint® Multi-Robot Control system, featuring a touchscreen-based tablet controller that allows an operator to select from across the family of connected robots.

FirstLook uses the MPU5 radio operating on the Wave Relay® MANET, to form a robust network in which robots, operators, and observers seamlessly operate together.

Four color cameras with zoom and illumination, plus audio capability integration. Optional CBRN/ HazMat sensors available.




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