Huntington Ingalls Industries

Rapidly Deployable UUVs.

Core Capabilities


Huntington Ingalls Industries is the world’s most trusted manufacturer of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). The REMUS line of UUVs has been operational for over 20 years and integrates advanced payloads and autonomy. These low logistics, rapidly deployable UUVs have been chosen by 20 navies worldwide for operations include mine countermeasures, search and recovery, hydrographic surveys, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

  • Over 400 UUVs Delivered
  • Options Cover 99% of the Ocean: REMUS UUV Variants Dive to Depths of 100, 300, 600, 1000, 1500 and 6000 Meters
  • First Combat Deployed UUV: Umm Qasr During Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003
  • US Navy MK18 Program of Record: MK18 Mod 1 (REMUS 100 Mine Hunting Variant) and MK18 Mod 2 (REMUS 600 Mine Hunting Variant)
  • US Navy Littoral Battlespace Sensing (LBS) Program of Record: LBS-AUV (REMUS 600 Hydrographic Variant)

Huntington Ingalls Industries Products


These are just a sampling of the products we offer. Call 866.845.3012 or send us your contact information through our contact form.

  • Huntington Ingalls Industries – REMUS 100 Hydrographic UUV

  • Huntington Ingalls Industries – REMUS 100 Mine Countermeasure UUV

  • Huntington Ingalls Industries – REMUS 600 Hydrographic AUV

  • Huntington Ingalls Industries – REMUS 600 Mine Countermeasure AUV