Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction

More than just dive equipment.

CWMD Capabilities


Whether you’re a breacher making entry into a hardened target, an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technician conducting a render safe procedure (RSP), or a HAZMAT technician responding to an incident, ADS has the equipment, procurement, and specialized solutions your CBRNe mission requires.

We work with suppliers, warfighters, law enforcement, and first responders to develop systems designed to counter CBRNe threats and adapt to emerging technology trends.


Specialized Chemical Ordnance Transport System (SCOTS) Kit

A kit that combines chemical ordnance leak seal and containment with personnel decontamination to provide game-changing Warfighter capabilities.
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Fundamentals of Air Purifying Respirators: Avon Protection

Fundamentals of Air Purifying Respirators: Avon Protection

With the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and increasing civil actions throughout the world, the focus of military, civil special forces and first responders on the front lines of those actions…
M2DCON Decon Plus CBR Wipes

CBRNe Solutions: The First Line of Defense

Being fully prepared for a CBRNE mission requires a deep understanding of the full spectrum of threats. Engagement with the best companies in the business is just as important to…
Unmanned Ground Systems for Defense and Communications featuring Qinetiq's TALON

Unmanned Ground Systems for Defense and Communications

Ground Robotic Vehicles Unmanned Ground Systems (UGS) enable operators to conduct reconnaissance, render safe or counter-charge procedures on WMDs remotely using robots. Unmanned ground vehicles have become ubiquitous in a…
Pandemic Response Preparedness COVID-19

Pandemic Response Preparedness: COVID-19

Through thousands of long-standing supplier relationships, we quickly find and deliver the equipment you need to do your job—safely. ADS, Inc. has compiled the following list of products geared toward…